Terms and conditions

Welcome to Johanna - Matchmaking Agency (hereafter "Johanna "), a unique service that gives adults the opportunity to meet and match with other singles adults. By accepting to become a member, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the contract of use described below.

Terms and conditions relating to the use of Johanna's Matchmaking Services

01. Acceptance

This Agreement is an electronic contract that sets out legally binding terms for your use of membership in the service provided by "Johanna ". By using Johanna services you give your consent to be contractually bound by these Terms and Conditions.If you do not agree with the present Terms and Conditions, the use of the Johanna’s services is not permitted. You may at any time withdraw from this Agreement. If you choose to withdraw your consent to use our services, your membership will cease. In order to withdraw from the contract, a notice by the member needs to be sent in writing to the email adress contact@johanna-matchmaking.com. Withdrawal of membership will be effective within 7 days of receipt of the withdrawal notice described above. The withdrawal will not affect the legal validity or applicability of this Agreement for the time prior to the withdrawal becoming effective. The consent with regarding use of data and the release of the agency from liability as described below will continue to be valid after the withdrawal date.

02. Eligibility

To register as a member of "Johanna" you must beat least 22 years old, single and if married before ,legally divorced. If you become a member, you declare on your own liability that you have never been convicted of a crime. "Johanna" can perform a customer verification by accessing existing public information. In the case of identifying public information contrary to the eligibility requirements, the member shall be excluded from any further access to Johanna services. Termination of the membership due to non-fulfillment of the eligibility conditions or due to his unilateral renunciation to the use of the service will not result in the total or partial refund of the subscription, as the member is at fault.

03. Registration and Renunciation

By registering with Johanna Services, you agreed to provide the agency with accurate and complete information on your identity and are forbidden from giving misleading information regarding your identity. The registration will be done by filling in a registration form on the agency's website and by paying a subscription for 6 or 12 months, under the conditions stipulated therein. Until the expiration date of on ongoing membership, the member can make a new payment for a new period of 6 or 12 months, otherwise the membership will cease and access to the service will be automatically blocked. The payments are to be made to the IBAN XXXX account opened at XXX Bank. If the membership is terminate by the agency due non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions, or because the member renounces from the use of Johanna services, there will not be entitled to full or partial refunds of his payments.

04. Use of the Service by Members

All members shall behave in a respectful and dignified manner on any event organized by the agency and treat any person he/she encounters with the utmost respect, showing the normal behavior expected from a lady or gentleman will not make vis-à-vis potential or current members any obscene, inappropriate, abusive, offensive, threatening, harassing or illegal comments will not use the services in a manner incompatible with the applicable laws and regulations will not collect personal information about potential and current members, regardless of the purpose, without their express written consent The member is solely responsible for choosing the person to whom he / she wishes to have a meeting to establish a relationship; - "Johanna" is exonerated from liability for inaccurate information providedby members in e.g. enrollment forms, for issues / disputes between members in private meetings or in phone conversations Enrolled members release the agency from any claims, actions in court, civil or patrimonial liability and liability for personal injuries resulting from enrollment and meetings with other persons The Agency does not give any warranty of any kind, express or implied, in connection with the availability, accuracy, reliability, information or content of the information provided by the other members The eventual liability of "Johanna" agency ordered by the competent courts will be the maximum amount of fees paid by the member to the registration, the client declaring that any risk to which he might be exposed has the limit of liability to the above mentioned value "Johanna" reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, improve and remedy the Service. The service may not be available during maintenance and other times.Johanna may also decide to discontinue the Service or any part of it, at its discretion, where members are entitled to the refund of the enrollment fee, as a percentage of the time the service was unavailable. In this case, "Johanna" will notify the members in advance.

05. Personal data

The Privacy Policy and the additional provisions of these Terms govern the use of your personal data.At the time of registering as a member, "Johanna" will request certain personal data such as your email address along with other personal data, and in some cases your mobile number so we can communicate with you to send you notifications "Johanna" will not process the contents of your messages for purposes other than required for registration. "Johanna" wishes to respect your privacy and comply with all data protection laws and the right to privacy. By using the website and / or filling in your application form and personal data, you agree to the processing of personal data by Johanna as described in this Agreement. We process personal data only for legitimate purposes, such as providing you with "matchmaking" products and services to improve and develop the products and services we offer to prevent and combat fraud or other illegal activities. The processing of personal data is always based either on the execution of the contracts concluded with us, on the need to comply with a legal obligation, on our legitimate interest or on a major public interest or, as the case may be, on your consent if you have expressed your choice in this respect. Our products and services may contain references to other legal entities' websites or third party services that have their own privacy policies. It is necessary to read the confidentiality policies of these services "Johanna" cannot be held responsible for the confidentiality practices or for the content of those services.

06. Applicable law

These Terms and Conditions will be governed by the laws of Romania, regardless of the provisions that arise from conflicts of laws.

07. Validity

The terms will neither exclude nor limit any of your mandatory rights in your country of residence. If a provision of the Terms is considered invalid, the validity of the other provisions will not be affected.

08. Change of contract

“Johanna" reserves the right to change the Contract at any time without prior notice being given. We encourage members to periodically consult the Terms, and Privacy Policy to inform you of any changes made to them.