Questions and Answers

Why a matchmaking agency linking East and West?

The traditional valuesand the qualities of the Eastern European women, are very well known, and also the desire of many western men to get to know them. Differences attract us and make a relationship more interesting. I started with the idea of a matchmaking service, after I have talked with many single western friends who would like to get to know Eastern European ladies, and I found that they preferreda feminine and family oriented woman, with traditional family values, as their future a partner.Eastern European women are among the most beautiful women in the world and are known as being educated, feminine and family oriented.These are the main reasons why many western men are looking for a partner from Eastern Europe. Men from western countries have a different mentality and education, most of them knowing very well how to respect and treat a woman.

What kind of potential partners are you offering me?

Educated, stylish, feminine, family oriented single Eastern European ladies, mostly Romanian, with age between 22-55, interested to find an educated, serious, successful man from the West with whom to create a family in a traditional way.

Why should I look for an Eastern European wife/partner?

Reasons why you should date an Eastern European woman:
  • Beauty and feminity
  • Traditional values
  • Educatedandstylish
  • Warm-hearted

Do you make sure my data is confidential?

Ensuring your privacy is the guarantee of our success. When signing the contract, we will also sign a confidentiality agreement, ensuring that all information you provide us is kept confidential. Details about your personality will only be used to select proper woman for you.

Why would I use a matchmaking agency? Why not just a marriage agency?

Time is always against us. We work a lot, the time we can invest in looking for our much dreamed partner is limited. Therefore, the only solution is to use the services of a professional who can understand our desires and personal expectations and can help us find someone to share our values and beliefs about life, and with whom we can build a long-lasting relationship. This way you save time, and you avoid the disappointments of experiencing unpleasant meetings or events, knowing partners that are inappropriate with what you want and who have no serious intentions. The matchmaking process used by Johanna International Matchmaking has the advantages of taking into account each individual request, personal meeting in real life environment, using my intuition (which is the greatest asset of a woman) to understand and feel what the other needs. All the women in our data base are carefully selected and interviewed and their personal data are validated. Through our careful selection process we help to avoid the disappointments of unpleasant meetings or events with partners which are inappropriate for you and that have no serious intentions. In a classical marriage agency, you can look through the members’ photos and make your choice at first glance from the way the woman looks, which is in most of the cases not the right way to make a proper choice for your dream partner.Other important aspects in a relation, as life style, common values and shared interests are not considered. Johanna International Matchmaking offers a higher chance and a more efficient way to find the right woman who is not only beautiful, but also shares similar or even the same values of life. My personal experience has convinced me that the best way to get to know your dream partner is to use a professional matchmaking service. It's a very effective way to find the ideal partner with whom you can have the most fulfillingand long lasting love story.

How long will it take to find me the right partner?

I can not give you a specific time for finding your partner, this process depends on many factors: your seriousness, your degree of involvement and your expectations. However, I can assure you, that I will do everything that I can to help you find your half and advise you to achieve the best result.

What are the selection criteria for men?

To be able to enroll, you need to speak English or German, be presentable, educated, successful, and serious in your intentions.

What services do I get as client?

You will get high quality and professional matchmaking services. I offer permanent advice and assistance for 6 or 12 months, to help you select top single ladies which are compatible with you. Coaching and advices for successful meetings, to show your best qualities and to reduce cultural and mentality differences, are also part of my offer.