Process Steps

1. Fill out the enrollment form and tell us about you
2. I will get to know you: I contact you by phone and you will tell me a few things about you and your expectations from your future partner. Please be honest. If it is possible for you, we can also set up a personal meeting where I can understand better details about you, your wishes and your personality. I reserve the right to selectmembers.
3. Collaboration: After evaluating your profile I will get in touch with you and explain you the further steps of our process. I will let you know the packages offer and help you to choose the one which is representing you the most. Your personal data(ID, diploma) are validated and we start the matching process. Each application is treated individually and with the utmost care, focusing on your wishes and expectations about your partner.
4. Selecting compatible profiles: You will be contacted and I will recommend you potential partners.If you don’t want to choose anyone from the recommended partners, you can still choose from other suggested matches. You can discuss the profiles of the ladies with me or with our representatives or you can make your choice by yourself and decide which ladies youwould like to meet in person. After this, I will give you recommendations regarding each lady’s preferences, and hints for how your first meeting should be. The ladies will also get recommendations regarding your preferences for the first date, your favorite’s places, colors, etc. This way both of you can get prepared for the upcoming date. You will also be invited to singles events in Bucharest or other cities, and also to one-to-one meetings, where you will have the chance to meet all our recommendations. I wish you success!