Matchmaking process steps

23.09.2018 | Matchmaking

Matchmaking process steps

Today I would like to answer one of the most common questions: which is the process of matchmaking used by us? First of all, I want to point out that Johanna-matchmaking is an offline boutique service. We do not have a catalog of members' photos because we respect the privacy of our customers at their request.

The matchmaking process will include 4 main steps:

The first stage will take place just before a potential male customer becomes our client.

Once the gentlemen complete the form on our site, they are contacted by us.

Before the interview, our manager will ask the client to complete the questionnaire. It will include questions that will help us learn some basic information about you, your interests and your hobbies, the level of education and lifestyle. The matchmaker needs this information to prepare for the interview with you and to use your interview time more effectively.

Usually the interview, which is free, takes about 20-30 minutes.

After the interview and questionnaire, we suggest more profiles from our database to make sure we understand what our client wants. After that, if we see that is what the customer claims to be, we suggest that you sign an official contract with us and become our client. If, unfortunately, we see that we can not fully meet the requirements of the potential customer, we sincerely explain that we can not help you. It usually happens when the expectations of the potential male client are unrealistic and it is not possible from a human point of view to meet the requirements: for example, a 70-year-old man claims that "he only feels attracted to" For 20 years.

The pre-matching process is very important to us. We like to maintain the high success rate, so we really need to understand the needs and expectations of potential male customers.

After the interview we assure you that we have candidate candidates in our base to meet the expectations of our potential male customer. We usually talk with about 20-25 women to choose one that would be the most suitable candidate for our male customer, so for a gentleman to meet 5 ladies we interviewed about 100 women . Unless we see that we can offer what the customer wants and needs, we suggest you sign the contract with us.

After pre-matching, the client will go through the first stage of the matchmaking process.

The first stage of the matchmaking process.

We will have more interviews with our male client to better understand his needs and priorities. At the same time, we'll start interviewing our ladies with our representative or me. This will take at least 4 to 5 weeks. During the interviews, we will learn more about the lady, about her life priorities, her opinion on gender roles, family life, and more. If during the interview we see the lady has a similar view of relationships, family and life goals as our male client, we tell the lady more about our male client. Of course, the lady has to match all the search criteria we have agreed with the male customer in advance. If the lady has a sincere interest in our male client, we show him the pictures of our male client and give him more details about him. After that, we suggest the profile of the lady of our male client, we share more information about her and our impression during the interview. The male customer will only consider those ladies who have already shown interest in him.

We do not believe an open online catalog is effective for the male customer. It's usually just a waste of time. The client can put his finger on ladies' profiles that would never choose for a number of reasons: maybe she would not be open to moving elsewhere, she is not willing to meet an older person, feels attracted ONLY by men tall, is not open to a relationship with a gentleman with children, etc. He can contact numerous candidates alone to find out that they are "not interested," "not willing to engage", "are not interested in having more children", etc. It is a task for a professional to preselect the best candidates for his client and to get to know them only with those ladies who will be right for this gentleman. It is a professional task to save customer time and prevent unnecessary stress. That's why we do not have an open base of clients, neither male nor female.

Quite often, gentlemen do not really understand the importance of this thing in the first stage of the matchmaking process and do not appreciate it fully. They feel more enthusiastic about the second stage of the meeting process - meetings. As a professional, I can assure you that the first stage of the matchmaking process is the most important.

That's why we take this really serious step and always pay special attention to the details.

The second stage of the matchmaking process - meetings

Gentlemen, often think it is the most important part of the matchmaking process and, as I have already discussed, they are wrong. However, this is certainly the most fun part! Not only does the gentleman look forward to meeting the ladies, but women also feel excited about the upcoming meetings. Of course we can not control the way the meeting will take place, because much of it will depend on Mr.'s attitude. We can provide our customers with the necessary dating tips and make sure you do not have to worry about anything and focus your attention fully on the meeting.

The last stage - after the matchmaking process

After the gentleman traveled to Romania and met the ladies, he continued to communicate with one or more ladies. During this stage, he will understand with which lady he is feeling a strong mutual attraction and will begin to think about the next level - the relationship. This is the stage where couples decide to be in an exclusive love relationship, this is the stage of romantic suggestions, beautiful engagement rings and important decisions - in which country their family starts.

We continue to consult our customers also through this step.

I hope this information was useful to you and now you have a better understanding of what to expect from us.


With love, Johanna